We enjoyed a wonderful summer visit to Frankfort, Kansas where we caught up with family, made new friends and worked on our Museum and Carol's Art Gallery.

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The Central Branch Railroad – a working rail line worth supporting!

Frankfort, Kansas 66427

This is the stately old bank building, now known as Elsie Graces downstairs, and the 1887 Bankers Inn upstairs. It's a great place to stay when you come to town, with furnished apartments complete with everything you need for an extended visit. Call 785-292-4225 to reserve your space, or email Brooke Mitchell at thebankersinn@gmail.com

Elsie Graces offers unique gifts, antiques and fresh fudge and ice cream. It's a favorite stop for everyone.

The world famous entrepreneur, Nan is well known for Elsie Graces, and the fine fudge and food served up there. Her small business with antiques and collectibles is always a delightful place to visit.

The town library is a foundation on 2nd Street along with the Tale of the Trail Museum and Carol's Art Studio, called Daisy Doodle.

Artist Carol Caffrey joins Melissa Shaw Jones in opening an Art Studio in town.
Carol features quilting, including a 4th generation quilt made by her own family.
You can enjoy drawing and painting classes at Daisy Doodle, as well as learning and working with other artists in and around the community of Frankfort.

Melissa Shaw Jones and Marge Shaw Haecker welcome you to the Tale of the Trail Museum.

The Tale of the Trail Museum is in the process of coming on line this year. Although the flooring wasn't in yet, the owners worked to get some of the displays on the walls and begin telling the stories of all the Trails that crossed through this region. American History comes alive in Marshall county as you explore the local museums and surrounding areas.

Learning about the Oregon Trail and the first settlers desire to "go west!" will deepen your appreciation for their resolve.

It's good to remember the old ways and see how far we've come.

Come in and sign the guest book and enjoy the displays. We wish to thank the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management for their brochures and literature. They continue to provide a valuable service for our country.

Christopher Shaw Jones is proud of the new family museum and welcomes the opportunity to further the causes of history and railroads in America.

Look at that beautiful new museum floor!

The charm of the midwest is demonstrated in all of the small-town water towers.

Kansas is not flat, contrary to popular belief. It is lovely, rolling countryside.

Ken Jones' Carwash is enjoyed by the townsfolk along with his Wildcat Auto Services.

The county has worked to preserve the old school houses, and this one in the city park is a fine example. Kids enjoy the area all year long, and the city pool is a favorite for summers.

The city park and play areas are a favorite for the kids. The public school offers an excellent education for K - 12, with a strong sports and athletics program for the kids. The community involvement in the school helps support the kids and their families.

Frankfort is a place where kids can still enjoy the "dog days of summer."

Bailey's Guest House is a fine place to stay for a few days to enjoy Frankfort and the surrounding communities in Marshall County.  

Lots of small houses offer a fine weekend retreat. Come visit the Glynn Inn.

Alcove Springs was a famous resting spot early on in The Oregon Trail.
It's close by to Frankfort, and a nice spot to visit.

Remember to take road trips with your family across America and explore your own history and genealogy. You will make wonderful memories for your family and deepen your love for our Country.