Technology is always taking mankind further along the trail of progress.

The 1800s was a time of development for the United States

In 1803 the United States negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France for $15 million. With a stroke of a pen America doubled in size, making it one of the largest nations in the world.

We went from sailing vessels, horses and wagons, to trains, telegraph and steam power during the 1800s. We learned about electricity, we worked with motors, and metals and developed cars and flight. We developed commerce. We lived in communities and helped each other create a life that was our American dream.

Once we established "From Sea to Shining Sea," our goal was clear, and growth was in order.

In the 1900s we grew as a nation. We were united as "blacks and whites" and we allowed women to vote in 1920. Citizenship had it's rights. Together, we worked as a Country United, and set up a safety net under society in the form of a Social Security blanket. We allowed people to develop a life, and find their American dream.

Oregon Trail 1907 - Click for larger image

Oregon Trail, 1907. Click map for larger view.

Jedediah Smith English Version - click for larger view

Jedediah Smith English Version. Click map for larger view.